Claire’s Listed!

Claire was officially listed as "active" on the transplant list as of February 27th. The hospital bag is packed and the family is waiting on the call. There's no telling when a kidney will be available, but the family is hoping soon (while Mom is still on maternity leave). However, you know what they say … Continue reading Claire’s Listed!



Amelia has made her grand entrance into the world with hardly a cry! She was born yesterday at 3 in the afternoon weighing 7 lbs and 5 oz. She is the sweetest little thing who slept through her first night and softly cries for food or a clean diaper saving her loud cries for annoyance … Continue reading Surprise!


Dearest Readers, Claire has grown so much! She is now officially standing. She can say upwards of 30 words (although she still has trouble putting two or more together). And, she is no longer wearing 24 month clothes (or size 2T). After being in that size for a year, it's fabulous seeing her wear "toddler" … Continue reading Listed!

Happy Bday #2!

Claire is officially two!!Nothing else has happened other than the fact that Claire is one year older and is sassy.We're trying to get Claire on the transplant list, but keep praying! Thank you all for the support!Pictures galore: