Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016

After Halloween, Claire had a bit of a cold and the month of November flew by until it was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was full of delicious food celebrated with both sets of grandparents. She even tried the food! But, she didn't like it. She ended up playing while Mom and Dad ate at both thanksgiving meals. … Continue reading Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016


Halloween 2016

October has been busy; not so much in progress, but through general activities including Burleson's Boo Bash which is an annual event like trunk or treating.  As of right now, there's also still no word (and won't be until February) on transplant. Claire is in a holding pattern until insurance is worked out. Then, we … Continue reading Halloween 2016

One door closes, another opens

San Antonio has officially closed Claire's case. But, Fort Worth is trying to open her case and get her transplanted there. For now, we are still playing the waiting game. Otherwise, Claire is starting to crawl and talk more. She's growing up!!                     And some exciting … Continue reading One door closes, another opens


Not much new

Sadly, there haven't been many photo ops or much news since the last post as the transplant/bladder decisions have been put on hold (and the fact that it's back-to-school season). The latest is that we're still waiting on the doctors. The doctors from San Antonio are working with the doctors in Fort Worth to see … Continue reading Not much new


Summer Break 2016

Summer is almost over for teachers so Mom will be going back to school soon. But it's been a fun and interesting summer. Claire has been doing great, but she did go into the hospital on July 18th for a cold that unbalanced her fluids. She stayed until that Thursday and was happy at home … Continue reading Summer Break 2016


Father’s Day 2016

Claire had a rough couple of days with her teething. She's getting two beautiful new molars which has uncomfortably made her gums bleed, but she's taking it amazingly well. Update from San Antonio says they're closing Claire's case for now until her bladder is big enough to allow the kidney to function properly. They will … Continue reading Father’s Day 2016


Happy Bday #2!

Claire is officially two!!Nothing else has happened other than the fact that Claire is one year older and is sassy.We're trying to get Claire on the transplant list, but keep praying! Thank you all for the support!Pictures galore: