Picture Update in words

Since January, we've had two birthdays, two surgeries, and two hospital stays. Amelia turned one in February and celebrated with friends and family (and ended up eating cake for the rest of the month). She's cruising and babbling and knows more words than she lets on. Claire turned four (4!) this May and celebrated with … Continue reading Picture Update in words



The little girls are growing so fast! They love to play together, though sometimes it's a "Mine" contest. Amelia is eating more and more finger foods. Claire is still having trouble, but is trying. And, both are starting to stand without holding onto things. They've been cruising for months, yet they're now starting to branch … Continue reading Sprouts

Botanical Gardens

Today, we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. There, we spent two hours enjoying the “Four Seasons” and the “Rose Gardens” with plans to go back later to visit the “Japanese Garden.” The girls particularly enjoyed the wildlife including a Monarch butterfly, a squirrel who we repeatedly saw as he dug into the flower … Continue reading Botanical Gardens