Halloween and onto Thanksgiving

Claire loves school. She throws a fit when it’s raining and she can’t go out to the slide on the playground. In fact, she loves the slide specifically so much that at home she’ll say “slide” and then “3, 2, 1 – whee” while sliding off the couch.

Likewise, Amelia has taken up a new love of reading and both she and her sister will ask for Pete and the Cat’s version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to be read/sung multiple times (like we once spent an hour with just that book). Claire, after some time, will start singing along, too!

Both girls are full of life and energy and fun, sometimes more so than their parents can handle.

Since the last post, not much has been done. The girls did get dressed up for Halloween, but they didn’t get much candy because the line at Boo Bash was so long. The family stood in line for an hour and a half and barely got 12 yards (36 feet). The girls had fun walking around, though.

Now, the countdown for Thanksgiving has begun!

SIDE NOTE: Daddy made all A’s on his classes in the first mini-semester at CBU! 😊


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