Summer 2018

The girls have grown, and so quickly, too! They had a blast this summer and are very slowly getting into the routine of school. That’s right! Claire is now officially in school. Craziness!

Anyway, here’s our summer through pictures (to now):

In June, we visited the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens regularly and really practiced our walking. Towards the end of the month, we also took a trip to the zoo with Gran and Auntie B.

In July, we hung out with Ninnie and Great-Granddaddy at their place in the country where we got to play in the kiddie pool. Claire and Amelia 🖤 water. We also visited the Aquarium at State Fair Park with Gran and Great-Auntie C. It was a blast! Claire was a little afraid of the sting-ray touch tank, but Amelia wanted to dive right in.

In August, Claire started school! She’s in a pre-development learning class which is a PreK level class where she learns the same curriculum as PreK, but the class starts at her level of development. This is also where she meets with her speech and physical therapist.

Simply put, Claire loves school. She is a little explorer on the playground and she comes home singing the new songs or “reading” the new books they talk about in class. She can already identify several letters and her name as well as some of the names of family.

In September, there was the Scholastic Book Fair and Grandparent’s Day at her school. Both Gran and Grandma Hughes were able to attend and they bought Claire several books that she cannot put down!

Claire, Amelia, and the rest of the family also were able to go to Tolar’s Homecoming this year and see several people. Gran was excited to get a picture of the girls with Great-Granddaddy’s plaque.

SIDE NOTE: Claire and Mom weren’t the only ones to go back to school this August. Dad got accepted into CBU and is currently working on his degree for graphic design. How cool! 😊

OH! And… Claire was accepted into the Make a Wish Foundation!! Not much is known at the moment, but this is a super exciting time in Claire’s life. It’s unbelievable how far she has come since her inauspicious birth. Makes a mom want to cry from happiness…

Until next time,

The Hughes Family


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