Picture Update in words

Since January, we’ve had two birthdays, two surgeries, and two hospital stays.

Amelia turned one in February and celebrated with friends and family (and ended up eating cake for the rest of the month). She’s cruising and babbling and knows more words than she lets on.

Claire turned four (4!) this May and celebrated with just her sister as she had surgery the next day to take out very swollen adenoids and tonsils. She’s back at home and doing well. She would’ve had this surgery in March but she was hospitalized with RSV again and they couldn’t do it.

Now, Claire doesn’t snore anymore and her color is much better. She’s also walking more and can (and tries to) walk on her own!

Also, in March, the girls got to visit the Museum of Science and History. Claire had a blast figuring things out and Amelia, too, to an extent. After an hour, they were both exhausted (!!) and fell asleep on the way home. We hope to go again soon.

And! Claire now has a toddler bed, which she absolutely loves (and gets out of often). Needless to say, sister is jealous.

As a family, we’re very thankful for everyone out there praying for her. Please keep in mind other families whose journeys don’t always have the celebrations our family has had.

Always thankful,

The Hughes Family


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