Almost Christmas time!

As we get closer to Christmas, the busier it gets!

Since the Zoo Trip, we’ve not done much special beyond Thanksgiving. Claire slept through the first Thanksgiving with one set of grandparents and played through the second. Amelia chowed down at both.

Recently, Claire was admitted to the hospital because of a cold. She is now home and moving everywhere! She hates being stuck in one place. And, of course, she had to have Mickey (Mouse Clubhouse) playing the entire time.

Now, both she and Amelia are cruising places and getting where they shouldn’t. At night, they’ve taken to standing at the corners of their beds and laughing with each other. Crazy kids. They are also eating level 3 foods now, though Claire prefers level 2 foods and Amelia prefers finger snacks.

Claire has a food therapy evaluation on Thursday. Hopefully, we can help her overcome her fears.

We’re all looking forward to family and friends and fun that the holiday season will bring.

– The Hughes Family


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