Botanical Gardens

Today, we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. There, we spent two hours enjoying the “Four Seasons” and the “Rose Gardens” with plans to go back later to visit the “Japanese Garden.”

The girls particularly enjoyed the wildlife including a Monarch butterfly, a squirrel who we repeatedly saw as he dug into the flower beds, fish, turtles, and a little snake.  All of these made for a fun game of “I Spy” between Claire and Mommy and Daddy. 

Claire further enjoyed naming the different colors and shades of colors that she saw. We practiced the basic names for these plants (i.e. bush, flower, tree, big, small), too. Amelia enjoyed seeing the different colors also, yet she enjoyed the different textures more. 

From the moment we parked to the moment we left it was breezy. Towards the ends, as the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds, the humidity grew to be too much for the girls, so home we headed. When we reached the car, Amelia squealed and Claire cried. Though they were both tired, neither were really wanting to go. 

It was overall a pleasant morning- one we hope to repeat once it’s cooler and before it gets too cold. 

– Mommy

More pictures from these past two weeks


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