Boo Bash 2017

This week was a busy one and ended with a trip to Burleson’s Boo Bash, a Halloween festival.  The girls had a blast! Amelia was very interested in all of the different sights and sounds. Claire was just simply amused as she rode around in her wagon. She also loved looking at all the different … Continue reading Boo Bash 2017


Botanical Gardens

Today, we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. There, we spent two hours enjoying the “Four Seasons” and the “Rose Gardens” with plans to go back later to visit the “Japanese Garden.” The girls particularly enjoyed the wildlife including a Monarch butterfly, a squirrel who we repeatedly saw as he dug into the flower … Continue reading Botanical Gardens


Claire is doing so well!!! Her kidney is functioning well and she’s had her final (21st) surgery to remove her hemodialysis catheter. Now, she’s back working with therapy and growing. It’s a long process to get her to walk and eat food, but she’s making small strides. It helps that she can watch her sister … Continue reading Sweetness