End of Summer

The end of summer is fast approaching for Mom Hughes who goes back to work next week (classes and then actual paid work the week after). It’s a bittersweet end, but Mom is so happy to have gotten the summer to play all day with her beautiful two girls.

Since the last post. . .

Claire has had two surgeries, both out-patient and went home soon after. The first was when her dialysis catheter broke mid-dialysis. The second was when her new catheter clotted and she had to get a longer one. Still no word on transplant, but it’s an expected waiting game. She regressed a bit to where she is hard to understand when she’s speaking because she slurs her words, but she is otherwise doing well, including the fact that she is now cruising on her feet. Claire can dress herself (though she won’t do it if Mom or Dad is in the room who’ve had to watch her do it on the monitor), she can say short sentences (but prefers to speak in one-two word bursts), she knows her shapes (heart, circle, triangle, square), her colors (red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple; she knows red, blue, green the best), and she feels more comfortable pulling-up on her own (which she does all the time, again, if Mom and Dad aren’t near). She’s made so much progress this summer that Mom and Dad can’t help but be proud of her!

Amelia turned 5 months old yesterday, though she doesn’t much act like it. She loves to stand and sit up. Every time she is placed on the floor, she rolls to her tummy. Sometimes, she scoots on her tummy. She likes to eat both her rice cereal and her bottle, but she isn’t pushy. And, she’s teething. Has been for near two weeks, but the things haven’t broken through so there are days when she’s miserable; days when all she wants to do is eat and sleep, or eat, sleep, and chew… on anything. She also loves watching and playing with her sister as Claire is very cautious and sweet with her “Melly.”

It’s been a wonderful summer. Thank you all for prayers, thoughts, and love.

– The Hughes Family


One thought on “End of Summer

  1. Melody Shipman says:

    Your girls are both beautiful! Praise God for her new kidney! We will be praying for complete healing & a speedy recovery.
    God Bless,


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