Claire’s Listed!

Claire was officially listed as “active” on the transplant list as of February 27th. The hospital bag is packed and the family is waiting on the call. There’s no telling when a kidney will be available, but the family is hoping soon (while Mom is still on maternity leave). However, you know what they say about the best laid plans. . . Amelia and Claire are living proof of that.

Besides this wonderful news, Claire has had another growth spurt, or two. She is barely fitting her 3T clothes and is moving on to 4T. She still isn’t walking, but she is cruising on her knees – her ankles need support before she can cruise on her feet. Her favorite word right now is “uh-oh” which she says after throwing something so she won’t get in trouble for having thrown something. . . and then she cries when she realizes she’s still in trouble.

Claire is also a great big sister. She has a baby doll that she takes care of since she can’t hold baby, yet. Whenever she can, she does “pet” Amelia’s head and mimics hugging the baby with her baby doll.

It’s been a wonderful first (almost) two weeks and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

– The Hughes Family


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