Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2016

After Halloween, Claire had a bit of a cold and the month of November flew by until it was Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving was full of delicious food celebrated with both sets of grandparents. She even tried the food! But, she didn’t like it. She ended up playing while Mom and Dad ate at both thanksgiving meals. Since then, there hasn’t been any new news – just lots of activity as Mom finishes her next to last grad school class and teaching semester one of the 2016-2017 school year while Dad works on keeping up with transplant paperwork.
Most recently, as in the past two weeks, Claire has re-begun the process of being put on the list. This time she being put on the list at Cook’s in Ft. Worth instead of San Antonio. She has to be reviewed by a urologist before she can be officially considered by Ft. Worth’s transplant committee. Those appointments are set up for the end of December and the beginning of January. As more information is provided to the family regarding the process, the blog will be updated accordingly.
Besides this, Claire is more active than she has ever been! She is walking on her knees with support. She is eating level three foods (chunky food) with little resistance. She is helping Mom write letters and wrap packages for Christmas. She is stalking Dad for more and more bubbles. She is growing everyday. Just take a look!
November 5, 2016
Finding a tissue and deciding the coffee table needs cleaning. . .
November 6, 2016
Playing in the Livingroom
November 25, 2016
Playing in the Park
December 4, 2016
Playing with Mommy’s Pen
December 9, 2016
Playing with Bubbles
December 14, 2016
Just Hanging Out
December 17, 2016
But, I don’t wanna put on the mickey hat. . .
You mean I have to keep it wearing it?!
Hanging out with Gran-Ninnie
December 18, 2016
Playing with the Christmas Tree
Her sister, Amelia, is also growing. No news about that though. Not yet. The next appointment is sometime this week. Any new news will be incorporated into the next blog.
Much love,
The Hughes Family

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