Halloween 2016

October has been busy; not so much in progress, but through general activities including Burleson’s Boo Bash which is an annual event like trunk or treating. 

As of right now, there’s also still no word (and won’t be until February) on transplant. Claire is in a holding pattern until insurance is worked out. Then, we can get her on the transplant list and some new kidneys.
But she isn’t letting that stop her. She’s crawling more and more, learning new words (like help, bubbles, doggy, night-night, and balloon), and is starting (a bit) to eat semi-solid foods. She also has a favorite stuffed toy- her Minnie which she calls her “nannie”.
She’s a marvel and a blast to have around, when she’s not having one of her many growth spurts.
Thank you all for your support!!
The Hughes Family















Tolar Homecoming 2016











Halloween 2016

Halloween 2015 v. Halloween 2016

Boo Bash 2016









And, the sister…
Amelia James is looking great! Specialist says everything is looking good, so far. Next check-in is on the 15th of November. Until then, this is she as of week 18. 



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