It’s life

Claire finally came home from her earlier hospital trip on February 15th, only to go back on February 21st. She had an ulcer that compromised half of her stomach. Though that seems to be fixed now, Claire also had an issue where an IV infiltrated and caused calcium to eat away at the skin on her hand. Mom and Dad have been told they will need to do regular dressing changes, applying medicine, until the dead skins falls and the new skin is ready for a graft. 

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It’s hard for us to see other children who are healthy or those who only have the short hospital visits. It’s hard seeing two year olds walking and talking when our own two year old can’t crawl or eat toddler food. 
We know how this young, smart, but developmentally delayed child has changed our lives making us both better people. We only hope her life affects more than ours; that her purpose is as great as she is. We hope she helps you, in some way as you have helped her. 
Thank you,
Mom and Dad Hughes


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