Hospital Again

Claire went back into the hospital a week ago because she pulled out her HD (hemodialysis) catheter. After much trial and error and a three hour surgery, we are trying PD (peritoneal) dialysis again. It's not working excellently, but the doctors are working on a plan for her. She, however, is ready to go home and … Continue reading Hospital Again


Daylight Savings Time

It was Claire's second go at daylight savings time, but with her shots and vaccines, this last week was drenched in dirty diapers and extended nap times. Now, she is back to normal and wanting to play all day. This child doesn't sleep! But that's okay as she continues growing, catching up developmentally. She is still not … Continue reading Daylight Savings Time

Happy Halloween!

Claire celebrated her second Halloween at the local Boo Bash (safe trick-or-treat). Mommy and Daddy steered her around in her stroller before resting to draw on pumpkins. Claire also has reached 19 pounds and is that much closer to her 22 lb. goal. To prepare, she has gotten her shots, booked an appointment with a urologist, … Continue reading Happy Halloween!