‘Twas Christmas

Claire is growing wonderfully. She has her first tooth and is making more baby talk. On to see the orthopedic this week to see if the brace can come off for a few more hours! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a happy new year,                


Winter Break!

Claire has been feeling a little constipated, but she is happy as ever. She's ready for her first Christmas!

7 months

Claire's 7 months and she's up to 14 pounds. Growing, happy, cute... Yup, she's a bear! Pictures:  


To the Aquarium

Claire had a great week! To boot, the Cook Children's Nephrology Dept. sponsored a holiday event for its patients. We got to go to the Sea Life Aquarium in the Grapevine Mills Mall for free. The family, sadly did not get to do much shopping because the mall was insanely busy and out of almost … Continue reading To the Aquarium


What Break?

Claire is growing! She's teething and is getting so long (and she refuses to sleep because she wants to be with the adults - always). Break was interesting and full of sleep deprivation, but that just made for a fun week. Great Thanksgiving yummies, too! Pictures:           And she is, of … Continue reading What Break?