It's been a long week, but it's now Mommy's Thanksgiving Break - finally. Mom, Dad, and Baby are getting much needed family time. Claire is doing well! She is eating more than ever before. She is trying to crawl and is grabbing things. And! We think she's teething. Still doesn't like the spoon, but she's … Continue reading Relaxin’


To the Hospital, again

Claire has had a long week, to say the least. On Monday, she was admitted into the hospital for dialysis issues. She was intubated that night due to trouble breathing and under-went surgery on Tuesday after a short stay in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).  She remained in the hospital until Friday. Then, on Saturday, … Continue reading To the Hospital, again

Cranky, but cute 😋

Claire has, as the title would suggest, been a bit of a cranky britches these past few days. She simply wants to be held.Mom and Dad are a bit frustrated also because he her blood pressure is unreasonably high and her dialysis isn't working well. The family has three doctors appointments this week to check … Continue reading Cranky, but cute 😋


Post Surgery

Claire had surgery on Wednesday. She is doing really fine and she was really great during surgery. The surgery was a quick hernia repair for which she was in and out within two hours. She stayed the night at the hospital because they wanted to see how she would do on dialysis. She had a … Continue reading Post Surgery