Surgery again

Claire is expected to have surgery sometime this week. When and where has yet to be determined, but it will pay likely be somewhere at Cook Children's on Wednesday.  The surgery is to fix her hernia. It is a minor procedure, yet she will stay overnight for observation. Other than that, Claire is still a … Continue reading Surgery again


Little Cutie

Well, Claire has a surgery consult for her hernia, but she is still a happy baby. She no longer has a cold and is eating better with less spit up. She turned 5 months!!! Honestly, there is not much more to add. She's happy. She's healthy. She is doing great. She's still on dialysis and … Continue reading Little Cutie

Little Miss

Claire continues to amaze. The orthopedic doctor is very hopeful that Claire only has to wear the brace for a few more weeks. Why? In the span of two weeks, Claire's hips went from being 8% in the socket to 20%.Claire still has a long way to go, but she keeps fighting. As for dialysis, we … Continue reading Little Miss