Little Miss Claire has had an attitude as of late, though she is still happy most of the time. Mom and Dad thinks she is beginning to teeth so, with doctor's approval, she will start being weaned onto baby food, beginning with cereal. That's all folks! Oh, the pictures. . . 😉 ('s up and … Continue reading Attitude


Brace for it

Claire met with the orthopedic doctor this week. We were told that her hips are unaligned and that the sockets for her hips are shallow therefore the hips keep popping out of place. To help her with this, she has to wear a brace for a few months. If this does not work, she may … Continue reading Brace for it

4 months

(Originally posted on 9/15/2014).    Claire turned 4 months on Saturday!   Nothing much has changed from last week. She has the sniffles and is thus not eating well, but she smiles on.    Here are the pictures from this week:             (Trying to sit up on her own)

Livin’ life

Claire's had another good week. Mom and Dad are starting to get into the groove.  She's still growing, at almost 11 pounds. And she is having so much fun playing with daddy during the day; mom's a little jealous... Here are a few more pictures from the week: (Or)