One month down

It has been close to a month since Claire came home. These past few weeks have been both wonderfully exhausting and trying.

The first week she needed to adjust. It took time, but once she did she took off! She no longer needs the ng tube or a g button- for now. She is eating enough to be able to sleep through the night and not having to wake for a 2 am feed. She is 9 lbs. She is awake and active during the day. She is holding her head up and rolling front to back. 
Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. For those curious, we will be updating the blog every Sunday now that things have settled. 
To catch up, here are the pictures of her progress by week. 
Week One:
At home, eating (above and below).

At home, playing (below). 
At the doctors for blood work (below).

Week Two:
Sleeping (below).
At the doctors, again (below). 
Playing at home (below).
Week Three (to now):
Again, thanks for the prayers!
Much love from the Hughes family. 

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