Hard, but good

It is going to be a tough, yet exciting year as we try to manage a life with/being a teacher and Claire. Claire cannot go to daycare for a couple of reasons, so Daddy is staying home to take care of her, which means a long day for him, while mommy is busy at work. … Continue reading Hard, but good


Nothing new

There is nothing new with Claire this past week. So here are some pictures. (And, yes. She is officially 3 months.) My computer malfunctioned and this got posted late. It won't in the future! Enjoy.  

One month down

It has been close to a month since Claire came home. These past few weeks have been both wonderfully exhausting and trying.The first week she needed to adjust. It took time, but once she did she took off! She no longer needs the ng tube or a g button- for now. She is eating enough … Continue reading One month down