Just another week

  Claire is doing remarkably well. There are quite a few small things she needs to accomplish before she can come home, but she's on her way.   For those of you who ask, she is not on a transplant list and won't be until she meets weight qualifications which may be a while from … Continue reading Just another week


Busy Day

It's been a pleasant day today! Claire has been moved to a new room but nothing else has been changed much. Mommy fed her today and she did really well. And she was, of course, super sleepy afterward.  

One month bday!

Today, Claire is one month old. Her dialysis is going well. She is almost ready to go home on that issue. However, she still isn't eating from the bottle- not tolerating it- so she still has a few weeks working on that before she can come home. Overall, she's a darling. 


Happy Days

Claire was put on the machine Thursday and seems to be tolerating it pretty well. There is still no definite as to when she'll come home, but she is vastly improving. Mommy and Daddy also held her today and would've never left if they didn't have groceries to get and a cat to feed.   … Continue reading Happy Days


June 4, 2014

Claire's dialysis fill is up to 100 mL!!! Soon she'll be on the machine. Then, as soon as she is eating through the bottle and gaining weight, she should come home!!! 😀 Today, she made faces while mommy held her. (As a result, Mommy went a little overboard with picture taking...)


June 3, 2013

10 days until baby girl is one month old. She is looking better each day.